DNSSEC Deployment in .CH

It has now been three years since SWITCH officially signed the .CH and .LI ccTLDs. Since then adoption of DNSSEC for the .CH domains has been very slow. During the last few weeks we have seen a small increase, but noticeable, including one registrar (OVH.de); who have started to sign a few hundert domain names. It may be the start to something bigger; however we trail other TLDs in the number of singed delegations (See https://xs.powerdns.com/dnssec-nl-graph/) by a large margin

Currently, SWITCH does not publish statistics about DNSSEC, as only 0.05% of all active domains use DNSSEC. Therefore publishing any DNSSEC statistics remain unjustified.

In this blog article we want to give you a look at the numbers nonetheless. Please keep in mind that: because the number of DNSSEC enabled domains is so low, the interpretation of the data and graphs should not be taken too seriously, the numbers can change very quickly.

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