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A new issue of our SWITCH Security Report is available!

Dear Reader!

A new issue of our bi-monthly SWITCH Security Report is available!

The topics covered in this report are:

  • Plenty of tears as WannaCry encrypts unpatched systems
  • WannaCry’s siblings from the NSA toolbox
  • Keyloggers fitted as standard – HP notebooks snooping on users
  • Hakuna Metadata – the browsing goldmine
  • Unboxed and hacked – new Samsung Galaxy S8 iris scanner

The Security Report is available in both English and German.

»»  Download the english report.      »»  Download the german report.

Did you miss our previous Security Report? Click here to go to the archive.

Get ready for “cybercrime as a service”!

In our new SWITCH Story our security expert Serge Droz discusses cybercrime in 2015.

“Various reports and studies have shown that .ch is among the most secure top-level domains in the world. […] SWITCH wants to step up its activities to combat the misuse of domains.”

“In general, however, we can say that cybercriminals are driven by money, and they’ll keep seeking out new strategies to get their hands on it. They won’t stop taking us by surprise.”

Read the full story here!

CSIRTs – Sharing to Win

Einbrüche in Datenbanken, gestohlene persönliche Daten, manipulierte Transaktionen im E-Banking, Eingriffe von staatlichen Akteuren in die Kommunikation im Internet und Angriffe auf die Verfügbarkeit von Diensten: Fast täglich wird mittlerweile über diese Sicherheitsvorfälle in den Medien berichtet.

Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) sind mit die Ersten, die auf solche Vorfälle reagieren und versuchen, Gegenmassnahmen zu treffen. Im Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) sind weltweit rund 240 dieser Teams aus der Industrie, von Regierungen und Akademischen Institutionen zusammengeschlossen, das SWITCH-CERT ist eines davon.

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