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The Jan/Feb 2017 issue of our SWITCH Security Report is available!

Dear Reader!

A new issue of our monthly SWITCH Security Report has just been released.

The topics covered in this report are:

  • The Guardian going post-truth with WhatsApp story?
  • Fruitfly spyware lives long on Macs
  • Good malware – FBI in absurdity trap
  • Star Wars on Twitter – sleeping Twitter botnet with over 350,000 bots discovered

The Security Report is available in both English and German.

»»  Download the english report.      »»  Download the german report.

Did you miss our previous Security Report? Click here to go to the archive.



IT-Security-Links #71


  • Das Bayrische Landesamt für Datenschutz hat aktuelle Smart-TVs auf Sicherheit und Datenschutz untersucht. Wegen des Verbraucherschutzes Schutzes von Betriebsgeheimnissen wird der Prüfbericht aber nicht veröffentlicht.
  • Die Digitale Gesellschaft Schweiz veröffentlichte ihren Swiss Lawful Interception Report 2015 zu den Überwachungsaktivitäten von Bund und Kantonen.
  • Mobiles Arbeiten liegt im Trend und ist mit Sicherheitsrisiken verbunden, auch in der Bundesverwaltung. Da ist es besonders kritisch, wenn sich entsprechende IT-Projekte, z.B. zur Absicherung von Fernzugängen, verzögern.

Who are the bad guys?

With the recent media attention to hysteria about cyber attacks we get questions like “Why would the Chinese attack a bee-keepers website?” Well, they don’t, as far as we can tell. But, then who is it? In this post we’ll try to give you an overview of the prime actors in the cyber-underground.

As numerous detective stories teach: “To solve a crime you have to know the motive”. Most of the miscreants in the internet underground have one goal: “Make money fast!”.  Now there are tons of different ways to make money fast. One thing internet criminals realize is, that this is a numbers game. Either rob a lot of people (and we mean a lot) of small amounts, or a few of big sums. Continue reading