Dear Blog-Reader

thanks for your interest in our IT-Security blog. We’re happy to hear from you in case you have any kind of feedback. Please write an e-mail to cert at with a subject starting with “Blog”. You can also just leave a comment below in the comment field. Feel free to write us in english or german language.

Your SWITCH-CERT Security Team

5 thoughts on “Feedback”

  1. Hey Switch Team, nice blog. But why don’t you make it accessible via TLS? Don’t you trust TLS anymore?

  2. Hi Switch Team !

    As you are a Swiss national organization, why the most of your blog post are only in German ? 😦 If you are too “lazy” (you shouldn’t) to write it in French and Italian, at least write it in English too, then the rest of Switzerland could also read it !

    Please participate to the Swiss cohesion too ! Thank you !

    A Swiss, but non Swiss-German guy, too often forgotten by the Swiss-German people

    1. Hi Yann and are two SWITCH websites where every article appears in German, French and Italian. This blog is from the CERT team only. We are a small group of people and don’t speak any French or Italian. So, blog posts will always be either in German or English. Our own rules are that the author can choose in which language he would like to write the blog post. I will discuss your feedback within the team on whether we want to make it mandatory to write in English.
      Thank you, Daniel

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