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100’000 .ch domain names are secured with DNSSEC!

Imagine you want to visit your online banking website «www.example-bank.ch». Now, instead of getting the correct IP address your computer gets manipulated information and connects you to a website that is owned by a criminal. You wouldn’t notice but disclose … Continue reading

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DNSSEC Usage in Switzerland is on the rise after widespread attacks on the Domain Name System

Attacks on the DNS System Cyber attacks on the DNS system are not new. Cache poisoning, Domain Hijacking and BGP injections of routes to public DNS resolvers happen regularly, but they usually don’t get much attention as they target the … Continue reading

DNSSEC – Einführung zu DNS Security Extensions

Das Domain Name System (DNS) ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil des Internets. Aus Endbenutzersicht erscheint das Internet oft zusammengebrochen, wenn die Namensauflösung nicht funktioniert. In den letzten Jahren wurden Schwachstellen im Protokoll aufgedeckt, welche es erlauben, DNS-Antworten für einen DNS-Resolver zu … Continue reading