DNSSEC training with PowerDNS in Switzerland

SWITCH is organising a one day DNSSEC training together with PowerDNS

The training will be given at the following dates:

9.4. Zurich, SWITCH
10.4. Bern, Uni
11.4. Carouge HESGE

The one day training will give you an introduction into DNSSEC and show you how to sign DNS zones on an autoritative DNS server.
We will use PowerDNS for the practical and hands on part. PowerDNS contains support for DNSSEC, enabling the easy serving of DNSSEC secured data, with minimal administrative overhead.


• Short introduction to DNSSEC
• how DNSSEC works
• keys / signatures / NSEC / NSEC3
• Working with DNSSEC and the PowerDNS Authoritative server
• Short overview over PowerDNS Authoritative server backends (MySQL, PostgreSQL, BIND, pipe, …)
• DNSSEC signing
• Pre-signed zones
• Zone transfers
• Utilities (pdnsutil)
• The PowerDNS ALIAS record (and its future)

Required skills: Unix system administrator skills and DNS server know how.The training will be delivered in english.

More information and registration here:

Zurich: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dnssec-training-zurich-tickets-43350331007
Bern: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dnssec-training-bern-tickets-43592055010
Carouge: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dnssec-training-carouge-tickets-43592840359

Update 28.2.2018: All three trainings are fully booked after only 24 hours. We are happy to see so much interest in DNSSEC in Switzerland. Waitlist is now open.

Author: Michael Hausding

Competence Lead DNS & Domain Abuse at SWITCH the ccTLD registry for .ch & .li

5 thoughts on “DNSSEC training with PowerDNS in Switzerland”

  1. Hi,
    I’ve just received the RSS feed with this article
    I’ve checked the link to the session in Carouge but it doesn’t show any registration link. Could you let me know how to register to that session?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Steve, all trainings are already fully booked, but we opened a waitlist.

      1. Hi Michael,
        Thank you for your response but in this case, why did you ever post this article? I got an RSS feed as soon as it was posted and I visited the relevant page within few seconds after it was posted but there was no possibility to book a place. It looks like all places were booked even before the article was posted.

      2. Blogpost was at Feb 27th, 16:35, Zurich was fully booked 18:35, Bern and Carouge the next day.

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