New SWITCH Security Report available – Invitation to take part in a Reader Survey

Dear Reader!

A new issue of our monthly SWITCH Security Report has just been released.

The topics covered in this report are:

  • Pavlov in Paris – how the conditioned response to terrorist attacks links the real and online worlds
  • «Added value» as standard – new devices delivered complete with malware and extra vulnerabilities
  • Silent profilers – audio beacons allow advertisers to operate extensive tracking
  • Ads, adblockers, anti-adblockers, anti-adblock killers – the arms race continues
  • The Clipboard: interesting presentations, articles and videos

The Security Report is available in both English and German.

»»  Download the english report.      »»  Download the german report.

Did you miss our previous Security Report? Click here to go to the archive.

Invitation to take part in the SWITCH Security Report Reader Survey

SWITCH is carrying out a reader survey on the Security Report, and we would be grateful if you could share your views on how we can improve it. Your help will allow us to enhance the Security Report, and tailor it better to your needs.

It goes without saying we will handle your responses in the strictest of confidence and with due discretion. With this in mind, all of the information you provide will be analysed in completely anonymised form.

Please complete the questionnaire by Friday, 18 December 2015 at the latest. It will take you roughly 8-10 minutes.

You can take the survey at one of the following links:



Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about completing the survey!

Many thanks for taking part and helping us.

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