IT-Security-Links #30


  • Geoff Huston (APNIC) published a long post on his DNSSEC validation measurements. Since March 2013 he has seen an rise in the number of DNSSEC validating resolvers from 3.3% to 8.1%. This increase is mainly because Googles public DNS has started to validate a few weeks ago. For Switzerland the number of validating DNSSEC resolvers is at 5.13%.
  • Mac OS X Malware: reports that FBI ransomware is now targeting Apple’s Mac OS X users. The news received a lot of attention and so posted a Q&A.
  • AndroRAT, is a free Trojan horse for Android devices that allows a remote attacker to gain control over the device and steal information from it. Cybercriminals have now created a tool called “binders” that easily allows users to repackage and Trojanize legitimate Android applications with AndroRAT. To date, Symantec has counted 23 cases of popular legitimate apps being Trojanized in the wild with AndroRAT.
  • You would think that server compromises have advanced a lot. This does not mean that old style attacks such as simple account brute-forcing still don’t work. According Sucuri SSH brute-force, an attack 10 years old still persists.
  • Harlan Carvey from the Windows Incident Response Blog posted the first part of the HowTo serie “Malware Detection”. An interesting read on how to easily detect malware on an infected computer.
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